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        Player Donation Rank Kits:

  • Rank kits may be claimed on all Exiled servers.

  • Rank kits are for life on all Exiled servers.

  • Players will refrain from trading selling or giving away any rank kit or its included items.

  • Rank kits may be replaced upon loss of kit (i.e. theft, loss of tombstone, or any bugs that may occur).

  • Player donation will stack until rank is achieved (example-a player makes a hero donation so they will only need to pay $30 to make the next rank of warrior).

  • All Donations made to the Exiled count towards Donation Ranks and Donation Goals regardless of the event.



                             Weekend & Weekly Donation Goal Kits:

  • Players may claim (1) Weekend and/or (1) Weekly Goal Kit a week pending the Donation Goal is met.

  • Items may be replaced due to theft, loss of tombstone or any bugs that may occur however a valid Donation Goal claim must have first been made.

  • Players are encouraged to contribute to all Donation Goals as everyone in the community will be able to make a claim (players must be in the Exiled's Discord).

  • Donations claims may only be made during valid Donation Goal timeframe (Weekly Goal: Monday-Thursday & Weekend Goal: Friday-Sunday) Timeframes are subject to change to suit special events and holidays).



                                                  Paragon Ranks:

  • Paragon Ranks are not gained through Donation in any form

  • Paragon ranks are earned from merit and for upholding community standards and guidelines.

  • Paragon ranks are issued bi-weekly or at the staff's discretion.

  • Players must remain active in on Exiled servers to retain Paragon ranks.

  • 30 days of player inactivity will result in a loss of a Paragon rank.

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