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Join The Exiled Team


Are you a genuinely a good person eager to help others?


Submitting an application does not guarantee you a position on our team.

You may be respectfully declined if a position is not available.


As we are based in the U.s., we respectfully require that all staff members be English speaking.

To ensure a baseline of knowledge and experience with our servers, we require a minimum of thirty days as a member of the Exiled Gaming Community.

As we do not believe in a ticket system, we require that all admins use a microphone to communicate in-game.


be engaged with the Exiled Community both in-game and on discord.

Be active! We request that all admins engage with our community in-game at least three days out of the week.

Do the right thing and be a decent human being!

Please review and complete the form below!

The Exiled
Admin Application

Thanks for Applying!

If we believe you to be a good fit, A general manager will be in contact with you through discord!

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